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                                                      Slated for demolition on August 03, 2011  October 15, 2011
Located at 1601 Rockland Road Wilmington, Delaware 19803

Plan and Ideas

This was my initial plan

Get to know key players at Nemours. Find out why they need to demolish this house so soon. Try to find out all of their objections to preserving the house up front so I can address them.

Get local politicians involved. County, Delaware, Federal.

Try to find funding for the project, either from County, State, or Federal funds, or from a commercial group that can use the house in a hospital related way.

Contact those who already tried to save the MH. See what they have already found out. See if they have a plan to offer.

Secure the house (roof, doors, windows) so that it cannot accidently be destroyed.

Push off deadline for demolition. <------ top priority.

Get friends to volunteer their time in case we need support for letter writing or for fix up labor.

Preserve in stages: outside first, mothball, fix up inside later.

Get publicity so that Nemours will crave positive publicity rather than negative.

Get volunteers to do labor and trade work on the house.

Get ideas for use of the house.

These are ideas that were presented

As an information center, a triage, for visitors to the Nemours complex, including the Greenways, the Ronald McDonald House, the Nemours Mansion, and the Hospital.  It would be a first stop for confused visitors as to where to go. (Credit to Mike Castle).

As an adjunct to the Ronald McDonald House. A more warm place to stay for parents of children staying at AI.

As a day lounge for families of children who are not staying overnight at the Ronald McDonald House but who are waiting on all day operations, etc.  A respite area.

As a bus stop (DELDOT again, who gave the property away can take it back and use the state's earmarked money to restore), with Starbucks inside. Lots of bus traffic there.  Also use as a stop for Greenways journeyers. 

As an office for a non-profit organization related to preventative health since it is on the Greenways.

Move to the Greenways.

Use Delaware surplus money: $35 million earmarked for historic preservation.

As a doctor's office.

As an art therapy studio and gallery for children with disabilities.

Let me know if you have other ideas for use of the building.