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Located at 1601 Rockland Road Wilmington, Delaware 19803

  New Mission 2013:  Save the Longwood Bungalows. 

 Longwood Gardens is planning to demolish three historic 1926 bungalows that P.S. DuPont built for his employees. 

     Built in 1926 and 1927 as free housing for key employees, these beautiful bungalows are located on route 1 just before the main entrance to Longwood Gardens when approaching from Wilmington.  These houses were designed by architect E. William Martin, who also designed the ballroom and the azalea room on the main conservancy.  Martin had a long running relationship as an architect with Pierre, building the P.S. DuPont High School and the Kennett Consolidated High School.  The houses were home to Pierrre's head of horticulture, chauffer, and secretary. 

     The structures are sound and proposed for demolition because they do not fit in the 40 year comprehensive plan designed by West 8, a Scandinavian company who were paid close to a million dollars to do the study.   The non-profit who owns the property, Longwood Foundation ( a non-profit) and Longwood Gardens, Inc. are the entities making the decision.

       The reason for bulldozing these buildings is to re-forest the area to the way it was when P.S. DuPont arrived in the early 1900's.  (huh?).  Here is the link to West 8's master plan.

     Anyone interested in protesting this demolition, please attend the Kennett Township Planning Commission meeting at 7pm  Tuesday February 26, 2013 at the Kennett Township building 901 Burrows Run Rd. Chadds Ford, PA.



Longwood Gardens Bungalows  Dec 4, 2012

... Jim Guthrie stated that Longwood Gardens plans to demolish the 3 bungalows along the old Route 52 and Route 1. The Commission feels that Longwood Gardens should have a meeting with the Township to discuss their long range strategic plans.  John Haedrich suggested that Longwood Gardens make a presentation at the Regional Planning Commission meeting to all Townships they affect. Sara Meadows, Historic Commission, stated that Longwood Gardens met with the Historic Commission. She stated that the Historic Commission agrees with Longwood Gardens regarding demolishing the 3 bungalows and stated that Longwood Gardens will move the historic monument at the same time to the appropriate location. She stated that Longwood  Gardens is considerate with historic resources. Jim Guthrie stated that he believes the Township can only prolong demolition and offer ideas on how to preserve a historic resource. He stated that the bungalows are an important part of history and to the area. Sara Meadows asked why the Commission is not taking action to preserve other historic houses like the Pines house. Jim Guthrie stated that the Commission did take a forceful action on the Pines house and got the applicant to agree to preserve the house not demolish it. John Haedrich stated that the important thing is to create a partnership of communication with Longwood Gardens with their future plans. Lisa Moore will request a meeting with Longwood Gardens, the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission on January 15th at 7:00 p.m. This meeting will coordinate with the Comprehensive Plan meeting. Jim Guthrie stated that it would be
beneficial for the Fire Companies to make presentations to the Planning Commissions.


Longwood Gardens Meeting  Feb 5, 2013

    Lisa Moore stated that a meeting was held with Township and Longwood Gardens Representatives on February 5th  to discuss the proposed demolition of the historic bungalows along Route 1. Longwood Gardens submitted a complete packet as required by the Ordinance and it was submitted to the Planning Commission to begin the review process.


Assets of the Longwood Foundation 990 Form non-profits:

Longwood Foundation, Inc. DE 2011 $516,022,605 990PF 24 51-0066734
Longwood Foundation, Inc. DE 2010 $578,493,206 990PF 22 51-0066734
Longwood Foundation, Inc. DE 2009 $554,933,826 990PF 23 51-0066734
Longwood Foundation, Inc. DE 2008 $661,178,355 990PF 26 51-0066734
Longwood Foundation, Inc. DE 2007 $906,176,301 990PF 28 51-0066734
Longwood Foundation, Inc. DE 2006 $795,205,527 990PF 25 51-0066734
Longwood Foundation, Inc. DE 2005 $785,221,853 990PF 25 51-0066734
Longwood Foundation, Inc. DE 2004 $719,885,017 990PF 25 51-0066734
Longwood Foundation, Inc. DE 2003 $645,198,897 990PF 25 51-0066734
Longwood Foundation, Inc. DE 2002 $600,786,854 990PF 132 51-0066734
Longwood Foundation, Inc. DE 2001 $651,327,269 990PF 152 51-0066734
Longwood Foundation, The FL 2007 $181,974 990PF 31 65-6437473
Longwood Foundation, The FL 2006 $142,781 990PF 31 65-6437473
Longwood Foundation, The FL 2005 $62,946 990PF 20 65-6437473