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                                                      Slated for demolition on August 03, 2011  October 15, 2011
Located at 1601 Rockland Road Wilmington, Delaware 19803




    Meeting held at Nemours August 25th to discuss Nemours' position on the Murphy House.

Listen to the meeting
     A meeting was held today, Thursday August 25, 2011, at Nemours for parties interested in the Murphy House salvation. It was hosted by Nemours and conducted by Nemours Executive Director, Grace Gary. Also in attendance from Nemours was John Grabusky, Director of Public Relations, and George Meldrum, lobbyist for Nemours. Representing government was New Castle County councilman Bob Weiner and his aide Lou Hinkle, Delaware State Senator Mike Katz, and Stephanie who represented Delaware State Congressman Gregg Lavelle. From the private sector were Judge James Hanby, Business person Susan Teiser, Mary DeNadai senior partner of John Milner Architects, and Larry Hoover (this reporter).

     The cordial meeting lasted about one hour and covered basic information about the offer Nemours has made to assist in moving the house to another location. James Hanby covered a little history of the ownership of the house during the past decade. Grace Gary answered questions from the group, stating Nemours' positions.

Points noted:

-Nemours has absolutely no short term or long term (5 to 10 years) plans for use of the land that Murphy House sits on. It will remain a grassy lot. (Grace Gary).

-DelDOT does not have power to waive deed restriction, only State of Delaware has that authority (James Hanby).

-Nemours "not likely" to make a bigger commitment than they already have towards preserving the house (Grace Gary).

-October 15, 2011 is deadline for proposals to use the house.

-Site is currently zoned for office use, not commercial use. 10% can be used for commercial.

-Site would need 13 parking spaces for an office, 17 spaces for medical use.

-$850K was Milner's estimate to make a prime office. $250K to stabilize.

-Murphy House sits on one acre of ground (.96). Monetary value of the one acre lot is approximately zero with the current restrictions. (Nemours)

-$50K offered by Nemours is for non-profits only due to Nemours bylaws.